Announcing AzurePipelines.TestLogger

An Azure Pipelines logger extension for the Visual Studio Test Platform

In today's episode of "what crazy niche has Dave gotten sucked into this time?" I announce a new test logger for the Visual Studio Test Platform designed to publish your test results in real-time to Azure Pipelines. This means that you can run dotnet test from your build script on Azure Pipelines and feed your test results directly to the test summary for your build without having to rely on post-processing like the PublishTestResults Azure Pipelines task.


Pushing Packages From Azure Pipelines To Azure Artifacts Using Cake

This is a short post about using Cake to publish packages from Azure Pipelines to Azure Artifacts that took me the better part of a day to figure out. For completness I'll walk through my entire process but if you just want to know how to do it, skip to the end.


Enabling Application Insights for Static Sites

Azure has a really cool service called Application Insights. It lets you instrument both the server and the client for all kinds of metrics and data. Unfortunately, all the documentation about how to enable it makes a lot of assumptions, like having Visual Studio as part of your tooling. I wanted to turn on Application Insights for a static site that I was hosting on Azure App Server and literally could not find a single guide on how to do so. I finally got it working through trial and error and came up with this set of hacks. Keep in mind, this really is a bit of a hack - I'm sure there's a better way, I just don't know what it is. That said, maybe this will help someone else in the same situation.


Publishing To Azure Using Cake And Web Deploy

Scripted deployment synchronization for static sites

As you may know, I am a big fan of static sites and am always interested in new ways to manage and deploy them. I previously blogged about using FTP to synchronize files with Azure and this post explores an alternate way to do something similar using Web Deploy.


Synchronizing Files With Azure Web Apps Over FTP

Easy deployment to Azure using FTP or FTPS

I've recently been experimenting with Azure for static site hosting. While there are lots of great static site hosts (my personal favorite still remains Netlify), Azure Web Apps offer some attractive features to enterprises or organizations already invested in Azure. One would think that easily deploying a static site to Azure would be relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, I found that this wasn't the case at all. While Azure Web Apps have some advanced deployment options like Kudu for git deployments and Web Deploy for deployments from Visual Studio, both require some setup and configuration, are designed with "application" scenarios in mind, and aren't as straightforward as a simple FTP upload. Unfortunately, even FTP uploads to Azure Web Apps have some issues that I'll discuss below. To address this scenario, I ended up writing a little bit of code to automatically synchronize a local static site with an Azure Web App FTP server that ignores unchanged files.


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